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Semiconductor wafer to win things networking, special process technology is the key

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Things will lead to a new wave of process technology development trend. For networking and wearable device applications, IC manufacturers continued in low power, sensors and system in package (SiP) technology development on intensifying layout, thus not only stimulate the logic process evolution, has also led to huge special process requirements.

ITRI Sankei Center (IEK) IC system and process researcher Chen Wanyi said, networking opportunities continue to have a fever, the global wearable and large data networking and application demand for heating, jointly promote the semiconductor industry continued to improve. In order to achieve high transmission efficiency, data processing ability and low power consumption characteristics, process development strategy of many IC manufacturers gradually turned to logic and special process and special process, promote the development of the mature process technology, even the 8 inch wafer special process transfer to 12 inch wafer, to improve capacity. The utilization rate and reduce costs.

There are a lot of foundry to 20 nm (nm) following process technology, TSMC first became the first production of 20 nanometer process technology for wafer foundries in 2014, and in the same year and third in the fourth quarter with brisk revenue. 2015, the company entered the 16/14 nano production layout.

In the TSMC leader, Taiwan IC manufacturing industry in 2014 in the 20 nm process, the annual output value of NT $1 - 173 billion 100 million yuan, the annual growth of 17.7%, hit a record high. Chen Wanyi further pointed out that the camera chip, Bluetooth module, multimedia processor and flash memory, intelligent mobile phone has become an important driving force to drive the demand for semiconductor industry growth, coupled with the high order flagship intelligent mobile phone related components and processor introduction, Taiwan IC manufacturing industry will still benefit from the mobile device Market growth driven, expected output value in 2015 will reach NT $1 - 296 billion 400 million yuan, the annual growth of 10.5%.

A logic process technology has gone beyond the memory system of process technology, become the leading technology index, so the TSMC 16 nm yield continued to improve, and strive to develop 10 nanometer process; Samsung (Samsung) is authorized Globalfoundries (GlobalFoundries) process; in addition, UMC also joined the IBM alliance, only 14 nanometers and 10 the nano fabrication.

However, the advanced research and development costs and equipment costs are getting higher and higher, the reduction in the number of foundries, will further make the IC industry ecosystem restructuring. For example, in 16/14 nano and following node, chugu construction and investment of equipment and materials R & D cost up to $20 billion; in addition, affected by the complexity of design, product development cycle and other factors, foundries are restricted in the production process for this type of general IC design industry and foundry closely the formation of cooperative integration mode of mutual benefit, is the high threshold crossing release method.

Chen Wanyi pointed out that the semiconductor industry to catch networking opportunities not to pursue advanced manufacturing as the only goal, more important is to expand the capacity of technology, especially the next wave of the Internet market, the test is not a process technology advancement, but the complexity of the process, flexibility and integration ability.

The future of research and development, equipment spending is bound by the miniature size increased, semiconductor manufacturers should grasp the material properties and new crystal structure; in addition, in terms of equipment, must comply with the yield and production rate and other economic benefits, and improve the market competitiveness in the Internet of things.