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Industrial automation to help enterprise development

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After the age of steam, electrical and information era the three industrial revolution, global division of labor to produce the accelerated flow and configuration, market direction change and the demand for personalized products of hitherto unknown requirements on the reaction time and flexible ability, the world entered the era of innovation intensive industry changes and empty before. Based on this, the Internet of things and intelligent manufacturing led the fourth industrial revolution quietly struck.

As early as in 2011, the Hannover industrial fair, Germany first proposed the concept of industrial 4, after the United States also launched industrial networking, Internet companies and other similar concepts. Both 4 industrial or industrial Internet, its main features are intelligent and networking, and the subject in the traditional industry and modern information technology, so as to improve the rate of production flexibility, and enhance the customer and business partners and enhance the tightness of industrial production of the commercial value of the use of resources.

"4" is a grand vision, but it is a simple concept: the relevant people, IT system, automatic machine original and a lot of information into the virtual network physical system, and using the data service for the enterprise, its essence is "fusion". In a manufacturing system, field equipment sensing and control of data layer and enterprise information system integration, and to the cloud storage, analysis, decision and in turn guide, cooperative production and operation enterprises.

Through industry 4, we can build a new mode of human technology interaction. Intelligent industrial assistance system with multi channel user interface, which can directly transfer the digital and analog environment to the production workshop. The future of the factory will also develop from the local machine intelligence to the whole plant intelligence. Then, the embedded system in the manufacturing business process between factories and enterprises realize vertical network connection, realize the transverse connection in the value network distributed, and real-time management -- from the start of the next order, until Sinotrans logistics. This idea will be fragmented information, communication, virtual technology integration, data visualization and sharing through the Internet, through the product design, development, production and customer management, supply chain and energy management system, realize the control from the bottom level, the middle level production line, to the overall optimization layer of enterprise, market time, finally help the manufacturing industry to achieve shorter production flexibility and higher asset utilization rate and a lower cost of ownership and more controllable risk.

Industry 4 is based on digital, networking and integration. Accordingly, the industrial automation industry in the age of 4, will be in the original automation technology and architecture, the implementation of centralized control to decentralized control enhance the transformation of the basic mode, let the equipment from the sensor to the Internet communication can be seamless, so as to establish a high degree of flexibility, personalization and digitization, the integration of product the mode of production and service. In this mode, the production automation technology through self diagnosis, self correction and a variety of functional software to make the device more intelligent, to better assist workers to complete production. Therefore, it is required that the communication function and the integration ability of the automation equipment is stronger, and the automation software needs to have more powerful analysis and processing and the data sharing ability with other software system.

In the automation level, unified control platform, smooth communication network is the foundation. In order to realize the industry 4, automation will be further expanded in four levels:

The transverse connection, internal automation system. The integration of control, drive and low voltage distribution system is integrated by the integrated platform of integrated automation, integrated architecture, and so on. This integration can reduce the number of spare parts needed to be stored, and the openness of the control platform can ensure easy integration with third party components. In addition, the visualization and information software used on each machine should be standardized.

The longitudinal connection, and the lower local sensing and data collection layer and the upper enterprise management system. From the operation of the machine and the use of energy to the processing of variables and the use of materials, in the production process of each link, the controller, sensors and other devices will produce a large amount of data. The data from the workshop will exceed the company's business data in a number of years. Even now, there are a large number of such data are analyzed through the field of PLC. It is a pressing matter of the moment from all the plant operation system more and more data and information from the business application of the combination, thus creating operational intelligence, especially remote maintenance solutions and cloud based services, in order to cope with the increasing demand on data analysis service. Such as remote state monitoring can be carried out on the analysis of individual parts of the movement or the entire drive chain online continuous monitoring.

Based on open standards, and unified communication network protocol. In order to make full use of the advantages of intelligent network technology, it is necessary to use the unified network infrastructure to realize the mutual communication among all the devices in the factory. In the future, network switching equipment will be used more widely. The application of the independent IP can make the product and equipment have identifiable independent identity, easy to track, locate and monitor. In addition, the standard communication can make the digital equipment more integrated into the production line of the network, such as RFID camera, card reader, digital tablet, security card, in order to improve the fine production management.

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